Just What To Definitely Seek Out In Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Green lipped mussel extract undoubtedly provides wonderful health benefits for most who take it. Other people, however, don't experience the great progress so prevalent for others. The causes can be very simple when you know what to search for in a green lipped mussel supplement, but unfortunately the majority of customers remain in the dark in regard to the details encircling one of the world's most healthy sea foods.

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We are here to reveal the truth regarding the manufacturing techniques behind certain supplements and show why they could make such a huge difference for the customer.

The Source is Key

It is significant to know exactly where the mussel for a particular company's extract comes from. While all of them come from New Zealand, they could be harvested from clean, clear waters, or they could come from polluted water. If the latter, the mussel would be more likely to contain substances like mercury that simply shouldn't be in a health supplement, and will not have all the great nutrients found in other mussel supplements.

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One more reason it's vital that you know the source of the mussel is because some companies source their mussel from the extras or left-overs of the seafood sector. Meaning if a seafood company determines the mussel is unfit for their food, they refuse it and sometimes this purchased "reject mussel" can finish up in supplements. It is essential that your green lipped mussel company uses only the highest quality mussels.

Timing is essential

When harvested too early, the mussels could possibly not contain all the great nutrients that NZ green lipped mussel extract is well-known for. This is because they will not have had enough time to fully develop and provide the crucial substances which make green lipped mussel so beneficial.

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Manufacturing Process

Some vital things to note when checking out a company's production process are the following:

- Was heat used in the extraction procedure? Some companies use heat to open up the mussels. It is a process that eases the process for the manufacturer, as opposed to opening the mussels manually. High temperature, nevertheless, removes nearly all the nutrients found in the original, raw mussel. Make certain you make out that the mussel was not cooked or steamed open.

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- Were the mussels frozen for stocking at some point in the process? While not as damaging as high heat, freezing the mussel as well removes some of the nutrients. And we all know that when buying a health supplement, we want them to stay as healthy and natural as is possible.

- How long did the extraction/production process take? If it takes too long between harvesting the mussel and turning it to green lipped mussel extract, the quality is much lower. Check if you can find a company that can do the conversion in less than 45 minutes.

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Green lipped mussel is truly one of the best and healthiest foods available. It really can help you to relieve health problems like joint pain, arthritis, and asthma. Just be sure that you choose a winner and prevent the mistakes shown above. If you would like more details on green lipped mussel extract, I encourage you to click any link in this article for more detailed analysis.

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